January 31, 2023

The script used in the Kirat period is the Kirat script. Later this script was promoted by King Rupihang. He is also known as Sirijanga. Thus, the script used in the Kirat period was promoted and propagated by King Sirijanga, so this script is now known as the Kirat Sirijanga script.

Various computer fonts of this script are in use. This article gives an information on how to use the font KiratSirijanga2.4. KiratSirijanga2.4 font can also be downloaded from this Here.

Font KiratSirijanga2.4 Download from here.

And you can know more about this font from this link- https://pumarai.org/2022/11/28/kiratsirijanga2-4-font-user-manual

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